Overall Maintenance

The most important thing to remember about InnerFaith Hair is to treat it as you would your real hair!


When washing and conditioning your InnerFaith Hair always use a deep conditioning shampoo. Use a cleansing/clarifying shampoo when the hair is really dirty or has product buildup.

Highly recommend: Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo bottle ,Garnier Fructis, Design Essentials, Suave Professionals, and Pantene Pro V.

Conditioners recommended: Paul Mitchell Detangler conditioner (for extra dry or tangled hair), Suave Professionals Sleek mosturizing conditioner, Garnier Fructis, Design Essentials conditioners, and Pantene Pro V.

Always detangle before washing.

Do not scrub hair together while washing. Lightly apply product to hair from top to bottom.

We recommend air drying if possible.

Wash once a month or as needed. Sweaty hair will need to wash more often.


Never sleep on wet hair. It can cause tangling & matting

Secure your lace with a satin scarf at night.

You can twist your hair, bantu knot, plait it or pin it up to avoid friction from sleeping.

Other care:

Detangle curly/wavy textures daily as you would your natural or as needed if you notice tangles.

Always comb or brush starting from end & working your way to top.

NEVER comb or brush wavy/curly hair dry. Use water & condition to comb and/or detangle. (A wide tooth comb is recommended for detangling)

Using chemicals to color/lift (such as bleach) may relax or alter certain wavy/curly textures. Seek professional assistance when using chemicals.

Colored or 613 wigs have been chemically processed to achieve the desired color. This means it will require extra care to avoid dryness & tangles. Deep condition weekly or as needed.

Any hair that has been chemically altered should be cared for more often as well.